“Lose My MinD” Music Video

@jaiwolfx new video “Lose my Mind” ft @callmemrgabriel . Taking a look at loneliness and vulnerability through the lens and workflow of 1980's sci-fi with hopes to tap into universal human experiences and a collective nostalgia.
Directed by: Andrew Donoho
Written by: Andrew Donoho and Jai Wolf





Simulation and Destruction

Chris Zapara, Emmy Award winning, VFX Supervisor art directed multiple VFX shots incorporating fully CG ships and particle simulations involving explosions and debris. David Morton, VFX artist, designed and created multiple matte paintings of our hero planet and our hero ships, which were then composited into multiple shots.

CG Animation

In addition to building CG ships, multiple explosions catapult our hero ship into space. Debris from the supply ship explode outward. This very difficult animation included anamorphic lens flares composited all in Adobe, After Effects.


DP: Nick Bupp  @ncbupp 
Lead actress: @kallyincali 
Male Astronaut: @damidoo 
Executive producers: @ryanhuffmann@ian_swank_nsour_blizair 
Production companies: Huffman Creative, Diktator
Producer: Andrew Chennisi
PM: Yusef Chabayta
1st Ad: Joe Suarez
Steadicam: Chris Loh
Production Designer: @liketheegem 
Costumes by: @cle_shay 
HMU: Jessica Sinclair
Edit: Andrew Donoho, @celeazy_e 
Color: @matt_osborne_color at The Mill
VFX Producer: @coreymilne 
VFX Supervisor: Chris Zapara
VFX Artist: David Morton
Additional VFX: Andrew Donoho
Director Representation: @doug_klingerat @obreprobates
Filmed at laurel canyon stages.