"SNATCHERS is a high school adventure story about friendship, self-worth, and aliens. Sara is one of the cool kids: she’s got the right friends, makes the right jokes... and is totally terrified of losing her status. She’d be a lot more secure if she could just win back her super-hot ex, Skyler. But he’s not interested unless they move to the next level. Sara decides to take the plunge, but soon discovers Skyler isn’t just horny like a normal teenage boy. Something changed on his summer trip to Mexico. Something in his nards. When Sara wakes up the next morning nine-months pregnant, she goes to the only person she can trust: her nerdy ex-best friend, Hayley. After a trip to the clinic turns horrific, Sara and Hayley realize this alien problem is only just beginning. Over the course of the night, Sara deals with her dead-beat baby daddy, a disapproving mom, and judgmental friends. Ultimately, this is a story of a girl finding self-worth and learning to accept her choices… by killing aliens.

The 2017 Sundance Film Festival will premiere eight short-form episodes of this otherworldly horror-comedy series."


This prospective series begins, as teenage protagonist Charlie Chambers (Max Burkholder) says, with "an event that would rob us of our youth and spread unshakeable anxiety like cyanide in the minds of those who remember." (Ay yi yi … writing.) Said event is the murder of Chrissy Monroe (Nicola Peltz), head cheerleader at an All-American high school in the All-American small town of Colfax. No surprise that she's not quite the model of resolute and resilient moral rectitude. (Writing!) Not only is Chrissy Queen B. to her cynical sister Becky (Odessa Young), cattily scolding her for stealing a beloved bottle of perfume, she's also been getting it on with her decade-older English teacher (who, cunning linguist that he is, will get around to her Crime and Punishment essay in good time, thank you very much!) Teen horniness, in this case, is a crime, punishable by death at the hands of a gun-toting masked madman who shoots Chrissy and her educator beau on a dark, misty night in the woods.                                                                     Venue: Sundance Film Festival (Independent Pilot Showcase)
Executive producers: Chad Hamilton, Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, Chris Hutton, Tariq Merhab, Brett Morgen, Eddie O'Keefe
Cast: Max Burkholder, Kelli Mayo, Odessa Young, Ben Winchell, Graham Beckel, Adam Long, Nicola Peltz, Joe Chrest
Director: Brett Morgen
Writers: Chris Hutton, Eddie O'Keefe
Director of photography: Ellen Kuras



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