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The EKINS are a FORCE to be reckoned with.

It could be said that Nike co-founder Phil Knight was the first EKIN, educating retailers and athletes alike as to what it was that made his sneakers the pinnacle of sportswear. The “EKIN” program was officially created to ensure that the passion for product would be passed on …to future generations.

Donald Katz introduced the EKIN clan in his 1994 book “Just Do it: The Nike Spirit in the Corporate World.” It was there that Katz called the EKINs “Nike’s experts” that spent their time traveling to stores across the country preaching about product.

The role lives on today, with an ever-growing team of global EKINs and even an alumni association that keeps former members of the group together. The EKIN teams are responsible for hosting local events called “EKIN UNIVERSITY”, which educate third party NIKE sellers.

This is the EKIN story… in Los Angeles… at least.



This event took place at the beautiful TenTen Wilshire Hotel in Downtown, LA. This rooftop lounge was the perfect venue for a sunset EKIN University. Kelly Lawson organized this event to include multiple NIKE customization clothing and shoe stations.


This event for a local store got the opportunity of a lifetime to jump out of a plane and experience skydiving first hand along with free swag!


The Porsche Experience Center is a driving experience facility located in Torrence, CA which allows you to explore the fastest Porsches. Showing the relationship between NIKE’s racing shoes and Porsches racing cars gives associates better understanding behind the design and implementation of the product.


This EKIN event took place at the brand new world famous Michael “AIR” Jordan museum in downtown LA, built with a custom basketball court on the roof. The collaboration with Clipper’s mascot “Chuck the Condor” allowed local kids to learn the importance of exercise and training through drills on the court!


From and event on the court… straight to the beautiful downstairs Athletic Club. This educational EKIN University taught the design aesthetics behind multiple NIKE signature products including the latest from Michael Jordan and Lebron James.



One of the most unique EKIN experiences to date! 6 lucky ladies were chosen to receive $500 gift cards and UBER cards to travel to stores of their choosing, to select an outfit to pair with NIKE shoes. The women could go to any store to choose clothes that best fit their personality and style preference.



Footlocker managers were chosen to enjoy a dinner at the famous Waldorf, Astoria restaurant where the EKINS discussed ways to better connect the two brands. A night out at the Staples Center to enjoy a Lakers game proceeded dinner.